Monetary Donations:

The Big Bend Community Land Trust relies on small donations, grant funding, and farm produce sales to operate. If you would like to make a donation, please mail a check or money order to Mail: P.O. Box 151, Big Bend CA 96011 or contact us at: info @ bigbend clt. net (remove spaces) or call 530-337-6444. Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax-deductible.

Grant Funding:

We need to make grant-funding a much more active and successful part of the BBCLT project’s operational and financial thriving! **Since we are an official 501(c)(3) with no debt, and valuable assets and a well-documented history of community volunteerism, we are very well-positioned to obtain many public and private grants, especially for rural and low-income community improvements, and for small community agricultural endeavors.**

So far, we have received numerous informal and unofficial “grants” to purchase and improve the aging farm, rebuild some of the structures, loans of equipment and operator time… And, the BBCLT has also received one large more formal and official grant, specifically geared towards funding an agricultural permaculture-focused 501(c)(3), which was from our friend Robbie, a California philanthropist, who contributed $75,000 intended to be used for farm-improvements and for a research project on growing oil-seed crops (and extracting the oil) for possible use for biofuels and other uses.

*We could really use a part-time dedicated grant writer and grant administrator, who could fund more BBCLT projects, employee wages, and income!

Material Donations:

The BBCLT is focused on providing economic opportunities for our community. The more funds we save by getting materials donated, the more jobs we can create! We commonly need:

Lumber in good condition

Garden and construction tools;

Paint for signs and buildings;

Hardware, such as nails, screws, bailing wire, etc;

Garbage bags and dump runs