Board of Directors

The BBCLT is overseen by a Board of Directors made up of different members of our community. These Directors act as representatives of Big Bend residents, and seek to find the best ways for the Land Trust to benefit the town. If you are interested in joining the Board, please send us an email and let us know!

Terri Orwig – Treasurer

Terri Orwig has lived in the Big Bend community since 1980 and has been involved in community development projects during all those years.  She and her husband bought 25 acres and built their dream homestead while raising their two children. Terri served on the local school’s Site Council for many years, and has been a consistent and generous community activist in many areas.  She started a Recycling Center at the local school, and operated it for 15 years, donating the proceeds to the school students & the Big Bend Volunteer Fire Department.  

Terri also helped start Hill Country Community Health and Wellness Clinic, a primary care medical facility in a nearby town, serving as secretary of their board, then an original staff member when they opened their doors in 1985, first as a front office/medical assistant, then running the accounts receivables department, while pursuing her Licensed Vocational Nursing license.  The Hill Country Community Clinic became a federally qualified health center 15 years ago and when she retired in 2014 after 28 years, the Leed Certified Gold facility had about 80 employees, offering general dentistry & counseling services as well as primary care. Terri and her husband also volunteered with the Teen Group at the clinic for 5 years.  Her family financed and built both the library at Hill Country (in her mother’s honor) and the 1/4 mile walking track on the grounds (in honor of her husband’s mother). She says that Hill Country grew her as she helped it grow.

She also serves as secretary of the Acorn Board, a non-profit organization that operates an all volunteer community radio station KKRN, is involved in the Scratched Up Radio Theater at the station and helps with numerous fund-raising events for them including a monthly luncheon for the staff and patients at Hill Country.  

Since retirement she has been involved with the BBCLT on and off for 4 years, serving as secretary of the Board from 2014 through 2015 and now again as a board member and treasurer. She is excited about the potential good that this organization will bring to our rural community and the enthusiasm that all are bringing to this worthwhile project.  

Her passions are gardening, hiking, reading, yoga and travel and most of all her family!  

Heather ‘Puck’ Adams – Secretary

Puck Adams has been involved in the BBCLT since 2016. The proud single mom to a fierce and intelligent daughter, she is devoted to helping improve the overall conditions in Big Bend. A community activist most of her life, Puck has helped with a large variety of organizations and projects, including but not limited to Food Not Bombs, Free Stores, community education projects, books for prisoners, and flash mobs of free cupcakes. A history major, she is well aware of how absolutely vital it is for communities to work together to improve their conditions. Along with being the Secretary for the BBCLT, she is also the manager of the Community Thrift Store and plays a key role in administrating the Co-Op project. She is also President of the Big Bend Community Club and a proud member of the local school board. She wants to work hard, have fun, and build Big Bend to be the best town possible for her daughter to grow up in.

Stephen Lyon

Stephen is a Director of the BBCLT. He can breathe fire, and has been known to take down pixies with his bare hands. A loving father of six kids, Mr. Lyon can juggle flaming swords while walking on beds of nails. He has mad knowledge in so many things, hella experience, and is super into the HUB project. 

Natasha Hays

Natasha Hays moved to Big Bend after several years of moving from place to place and traveling the country. During her years of travel she learned alternative ways of communication such as consensus-based decision making and nonviolent communication. After landing in beautiful Big Bend, Natasha quickly realized this amazing town was the perfect place to raise her four sons. She got involved in the school right away and served on the Site Council for six years. She taught music for one year and has volunteered for many Christmas plays, Halloween Carnivals, fundraisers, field days and more.

Natasha has learned how to live on raw land, grow food, herbs and has a Wise Woman herbal garden. She studies the useful and medicinal local plants and makes tinctures, salves, flower essences and more. Natasha married the love of her life and best friend in 2012 and had two more wonderful children, daughters. Being a mother is her greatest accomplishment and passion. She has made the commitment to drive to high school (over an hour away) after school so her children can be involved in sports and drama. She strives to raise her six children with compassion, love and support.

Natasha also has a passion for natural childbirth. She is a Doula and serves women in her community. Natasha mostly serves low-income families and women, often providing her Doula services for free or for trade. She has had five home births, two of which were right here in Big Bend.

Natasha has recently joined the school board and has been a director for the Big Bend Community Land Trust since Winter 2017. She cares deeply for this community and its children. The Land Trust project is a great way for her to help support the community. Natasha has lived in Big Bend for 10 years. She is a Mother, Wife, Musician, Herbalist, Doula, Volunteer and a compassionate lover of life! 

Seabrook Leaf (AKA Munko)

Munko joined the BBCLT Board of Directors in 2019.   He has been involved in supporting the BBCLT since its inception, and was present at the very first board meetings of the (now renamed) Madesi Valley CLT.  Munko has lived in Big Bend for nearly eleven years, and is currently also dedicated to helping to create another 501(c)(3) in town, known as the Big Bend Hot Springs Project, where he serves as Team Coordinator in the development and pre-opening phases.  Before moving to Big Bend, Munko was on the management team of Frogwood Lodge Retreat Center, a rural retreat center in the Mendocino Coast Range that was focused on hosting and serving cabin renters and overnight groups engaged in healing-oriented and environmental conservation retreats.  Munko was also a dedicated public school primary multiage elementary teacher for 14 years in Corvallis, Oregon and San Francisco, California school districts.  During that time, Munko was involved in team efforts to write and administer several large educational grants.  He has also volunteered for other non-profits, including 20 years at the Oregon Country Fair. Munko believes in community-building and being of service to others and the Earth.

Doug Wakefield (bio coming soon)

Roberta Romm – President (bio coming soon)

Melissa Poole (bio coming soon)