Community Stores

The Community Stores represent the commerce side of the Co-Op project. It’s mission is to alleviate economic hardships by helping meet material household needs, teaching how to re-purpose unwanted items, and providing retail outlets for local goods.

Our methods for meeting this mission include:

•Community Thrift Store: The community donates unused but useful items, and we make it available to the community at regular events or by need. All pricing is sliding scale. Pay what you can – we want you to have what you need. All proceeds go back into developing the Co-Op project. This project is ran entirely by volunteers. For more information on the Thrift Store, CLICK HERE

•Community Food PantryWith so many gardeners in the Co-Op and throughout Big Bend, we can have the most nutritious food pantry for miles around. The food pantry can take fresh or preserved food from the garden workshops and combine it with local donations. The Community Garden will also be donating and selling food to different community events and local families in need. Together we can help meet a need that no one this day and age should have to fret over.

SOS Product Creation Through our craft, sewing, and other workshops, residents will learn how to create works of art, utility and limitless other forms of creative expression. We envision projects focused on repurposing otherwise unwanted objects or fixing broken ones. This maker space mentality will help residents reduce waste and create products which could be sold through the Community Store and beyond!

•Town Market Space: Big Bend is home to a great many talents artisans, crafters, gardeners and more. We can create a space for local vending on site, becoming a place for consignment goods. Bartertown will be our local farmer’s market, offering locally grown produce, handmade art, and a wide variety of other crafts. A Community internet store can help bridge the technology gap for many and sell local goods on a global market.

BarterTown: BarterTown is a project of the BBCLT Co-Op to bring our community together and provide economic opportunities. In past BarterTown events, folks have brought extra garden veggies, surplus fruit, baked goods, homemade medicine, jewelry, leather crafts and more. We recommend that you bring your own table and chairs. If weather is wet, there is space within one of the buildings we can use.

*Note: BarterTown is currently closed for the season. Meanwhile, we are currently developing plans for a series of market booths at the Land Trust. We will be back to events soon with seed swaps, start swaps, and so much more.

Future Plan: Consignment and S.O.S. Products

We are determined to be a great avenue for locals to sell their crafts and creations. We collaborate with the BBCLT’s evolving School of Ordinary Skills, to help locals learn new skills, create new products, and benefit from those products through commerce. We recognize that our location in Big Bend gives us an amazing opportunity to showcase local talents, and we look forward to working with local artisans in the future!