Improving Community

Two important ingredients for Big Bend to really thrive are a healthy and vibrant local economy and a healthy unified community. The BBCLT is determined to help increase and stabilize local economic resources, nutritional health, project funding, jobs, housing, skills training and learning opportunities in the valley by creating and maintaining on-going programs such as:

•Growing Organic Food: The BBCLT farm is growing more food every year and increasing the quality and productivity of the topsoil, while adding infrastructure to rotate grazing. The food harvested is both sold and donated to those in need.

BBCLT Volunteers removing rocks as part of preparing the garden field for planting, June 2020

•Hosting Community Events: Work parties, Education, celebrations, mutual support in our remote community, fun-raisers and fundraisers, and other positive events have been an important part of BBCLT, since its inception.

Community Taco Feast Open House in June 2019

•Providing Community Services: Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, hard work, patience, and persistence, the Co-op project of the BBCLT has been creating and running a Community Thrift Store, A Public Library, and a Food Bank!

Puck has helped so many people, and generated monthly income, while super organizing the Thrift Store!

•Hiring Local Trades Pros: Do you have experience in building, permaculture, bio-diesel production, painting, landscaping, fire breaking, irrigation, alternative energy or other BBCLT endeavors?

•Creating Space for Community Business Uses: Farmer’s/Gardener’s Markets, a planned community commercial kitchen for cottage industry food products, and other community-useable spaces.

•Offering Living Space for Renters: There is a housing shortage in Big Bend. We are fixing up the Quonset Hut house for future renters and some day, we hope to be able to add even more community housing on the farm, for both caretakers and local residents.

The BBCLT Quonset Hut has been gradually improved since 2012, and will soon be a greatly improved home!

•Patronizing Local Resources & Businesses: Do you have equipment or building materials you could rent or sell to the land trust? Heavy machinery, farming equipment, and more are sometimes needed.

•Education and Skill-Building: Do you want to learn new skills to add to your resume? The BBCLT is dedicated to offering folks of all ages to learn new skills.

•Creating More Local Jobs: The BBCLT is invested in using local labor to help build up the project. Sometimes we are looking for part-time workers to hire for specific projects that come up.

-About Occasional Job Opportunities:
-If interested, you can download and fill out our application form (it is a two page PDF, available by clicking here) that you will need to download, fill out, and either email the completed form to the BBCLT or print a paper copy and mail it to our P.O. Box, or give it to a Board of Directors member. Paper copies are also available in Big Bend. Contact us if you are local and can’t get a copy yourself.