School of Ordinary Skills

The School of Ordinary Skills (SOS) is the BBCLT’s community education initiative. Our goal is to create space for local artisans, skilled laborers, and other locals and visitors to share their knowledge within our community. By increasing the skill sets and knowledge within our town, we can increase economic prosperity for our residents, improve standards of living, and bring our community closer together.

We have had a few education projects started and many more ideas in development. Here are some examples:

Sewing Workshops 

Sewing is one of the most basic yet important skills for repairing or creating clothes and other material needs. Thanks to our Thrift Store Project, the CLT has access to a literal ton of used clothing and other material. Our local seamstress, Josie Borne, will be hosting monthly workshops. Everything from basic hand sewing, to machine troubleshooting, to cutting patterns and creating masterpieces will be covered. Together we can repurpose old junk and turn it into treasure!


Our community farm is ripe with opportunities for learning! Every step of the process – from seed selection to soil amendment to food preservation – involves important knowledge essential for a self-sustaining community. Pay close attention to our garden page to find out when we will have our next workshop.

Big Bend History Club

This town has a rich, complex, and unique history. One of the last places settled by colonizers in California, it has seen both boom and bust. Currently, much of our history resides in the minds of our community elders. We gather together to exchange local stories, remember old times, and document our history for future generations. History night will include a free dinner. Puck will help to record and archive the conversations.

Arts and Crafts

Join with other local friends for fun events of craft creating and skill-sharing. Creating art is not only fun, it can help folks learn skills and create products that could be sold for profit or gifted to loved ones! Do you have a craft you would like to teach? Shoot us an email to get on the calendar!

Do you have an idea for a class? Is there something you are itching to learn or teach? Please contact us and let us know!