The Big Bend Community Land Trust (BBCLT) is a land-based non-profit organization located in rural Eastern Shasta County. Spanning 33 acres in downtown Big Bend, the land trust offers a variety of different opportunities to combat community deterioration. We steward this land on behalf of the residents in the form of a public charity. The organization is focused on addressing the social, economic, educational and agricultural needs of our community. A volunteer-based organization, the BBCLT hopes to help the individual wants and dreams of our community blossom into thriving projects with momentum and growth. Eventually, we hope to create a model of community revitalization that can be replicated in other rural towns across the nation.

The Big Bend Community Land Trust is administered by the Board of Directors and ran nearly entirely by Local Volunteers

Ways we help our local community:

  1. Creative Poverty Relief

  2. Local Employment Opportunties

  3. Steward and Preserve Local Land

  4. Educational Opportunities

  5. Helping provide material needs

  6. Creating creative outlets

  7. Bringing neighbors together through a variety of projects and events

Currently the BBCLT is focused on two major projects: The Co-Op and The Hub. Please follow the links for more detailed information. If you are interested in volunteering, click here. If you are interested in financial contributions, click here.