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Mission Statement: ย The Big Bend Community Land Trust (BBCLT) is dedicated to combating community deterioration in Big Bend, California. A land-based non-profit, the BBCLT provides educational, economical, social, and environmental opportunities and improvement for the residents of our small rural town. We seek to develop a model of rural community revitalization which can be replicated in other communities.

Thrift Store Event Happening Soon

*Announcement! * Winter is coming!*

The Thrift Store will be having a 3 day long event at the Big Bend Community Club! Join us from 10-5 on October 12th, 13th or 14th. We are focused on providing people cold-weather gear before winter sets in. Children’s clothes are free! We have a huge selection of boots and shoes. If you have extra jackets, blankets, warm socks or other needed items, please bring them by and we will find them a good home. All pricing is sliding-scale – pay what you honestly can at the time. If you would like to volunteer to help set up or tear down, please contact Puck at BBCommunityLandTrust@gmail.com or 337-6444.

Co-Op Meeting Report Back – July 28th

The BBCLT’s Co-Op Committee had a meeting on July 28, 2018. We decided to move forward with many community events in the next month. We will have these events at the Big Bend Community Center on Hot Springs Road while our buildings are under renovation. This will bring needed energy and funds to a long-standing community venue. The events will all include a potluck style dinner. Cost of attendance in on a sliding-scale donation basis โ€“ no one turned away for lack of funds! If you are interested in any of these events, pay close attention to our community calendar and please email us at BBCommunityLandTrust@gmail.com for more information.

The events include:

  • A monthly sewing night. We encourage folks to bring down their sewing machines. You can work on your individual project, ask experienced sewers for help, or help create new items by re-purposing items donated to the Community Store.
  • A monthly board game night. Fairly self-explanatory.
  • A specific D & D night, since we have many nerdy folk in our valley.
  • A Kid Event โ€“ This event is scheduled for Friday August 10th. We will have many fun games for the children. We will be taking up donations of art and school supplies for the children to have at home during the school year. โ€œ (End update for Recent News)

Fruit Galore!

The BBCLT was donated three apple trees. Each tree has four different variety of apples grafted to a main, hearty root stock. Thanks to our donor and to our volunteers who did the hard labor to plant them. Our plum trees are starting to pop, so stay tuned for future harvest and food-preservation work parties


The BBCLT is proud to announce the beginning of our Store Building renovations. We look forward to hiring locals and creating a space that can house our Thrift Store, S.O.S. workshops, local vendings and more!