The HUB Project

The Hub project seeks to develop facilities at the BBCLT in order to foster cottage industries, provide employment, and create economic opportunities for community members. It’s a concept as old as the community model itself – a town center for commerce and services. Today we can extend our marketplace by providing a global online platform  to market Big Bend products. We will offer facilities and services for community members that will allow our town’s many skilled artists, hard workers and creative entrepreneurs to shine.

The first step is to build a restaurant/cafe/eatery.

Having a place to gather always helps socially, and the need for a place to dine is voiced by many.  This will supply jobs, an outlet for food products, and will give Big Bend a more diverse social scene. Once the cafe is successful and financial unencumbered, money raised for the Hub project can be redirected based on the goals of the Hub committee and the BoD. Eventually we can create a commercial center that provides a variety of residents with employment or a market for their goods. Potential future projects for the Hub include but are not limited to:

  1. An IT Service Center/Online Store/ WIFI hotspot

  2. An office service center/ package store/ FedEx and UPS drop spot

  3. Accounting/Notary/Bookkeeping/Taxes/Payroll

  4. A space for massage/body work, acupuncture, etc.