Local Volunteers

Community feedback, involvement and support is at the very basis of our organization. We  provide a variety of ways for people to engage, so each person can find joy helping in a way which best fits their lifestyle.

There are many different ways to get involved:

  • Work Parties – We like to conquer large projects with fun, well-fed work parties. Whether it’s working in the garden, sorting clothes, building a fence or land maintenance, it takes a village to keep this project going. Pay close attention to our Community Calendar to see when our next work party is.

Update: There will be a general land work party at the BBCLT on Saturday, May 4th, from 10 AM to 2 PM. There will be a Co-Op specific work party – focusing on the gardens, thrift store building, and more –  on Saturday May 25th from 10 to 2. 

  • Event ParticipationWe also host a range of fun events in town. From kid activities to educational workshops, we provide a place to bring together the town. These events always need help planning, prepping, running and cleaning up. Yet even just showing up does a lot to show your solidarity for our project. Community Calendar
  • ‘Thrift Store Thursdays! – Donation Organization Our ‘Thrift Store’ project alone brings in truckloads of donations every month. These donations must be checked for usefulness and properly sorted for future use. Join us every Thursday afternoon, around 3-5 though hours vary based on volunteer availability. 
  • Fundraising/Donation GatheringWe are constantly looking for more sources of funding for our projects. The more money we bring in, the more programs and jobs we can create. Our projects also have lists of physical materials and supplies we are looking for. Many times the items needed can be found unused on properties around town. Individuals experienced in grant research, hosting fundraisers, funding campaigns and material manifestation are greatly encouraged to get in contact!
  • Committee/Board GovernanceOne of the most difficult parts of conimmunity organizing is creating the structure and policies while supplying the oversight to keep things running smoothly. The BBCLT is governed by a Board of Directors. If you are familiar with the running of a non-profit, and can attend at least a 2 hour meeting every month, the Board is often looking for a fresh perspective. The Co-Op and Hub projects are governed by Committees created by those involved with the projects, and are consistently seeking folks with a variety of skills and knowledge.
  • Give us your feedbackKnowing what our community thinks about our progress is extremely important to us. We recognize that we are stepping in after years of mixed experiences with the project. We hope that you feel comfortable letting us know your thoughts and ideas.

📧 Email: BBCommunityLandTrust@gmail.com

📮 Mail: P.O. Box 151, Big Bend CA 96011

Or contact one of our Board Members and let them know!