Local Economy

The only way for Big Bend to really thrive is for there to be a healthier local economy.

The BBCLT is determined to help money come into and stay in the valley by:

Local Jobs: The BBCLT is invested in using local labor to help build up the project.

Do you have experience in building, permaculture, bio-diesel production, painting, landscaping, fire breaking, irrigation, alternative energy or other BBCLT endeavors?

Do you have equipment you could rent to the land trust? Heavy machinery, farming equipment, and more?

Do you want to learn new skills to add to your resume? The BBCLT is dedicated to offering folks of all ages to learn new skills.

Fill out this application. It is a two page PDF that you will need to print out. Paper copies are available in Big Bend. Contact us if you are local and can’t get a copy yourself.