The Big Bend Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit project that is a very important “part of the solution” for our evolving world.  BBCLT is a very inspiring and effective movement in a very special place.  The project has come this far, thanks to numerous dedicated and hard-working people who are joining forces to do the work needed to save the world!  Please join us in this crucial work- There are several ways you can contribute to the work and success of the BBCLT:

1. Contribute by Donating and/or Loaning Money
 The BBCLT fundraising campaign emphasizes landing individual donations and institutional grants.  Any donation amount, large or small, is very much needed and appreciated.  Smaller individual contributions will count towards maintaining BBCLT as a “public charity”.  

2. Contribute by coming to BBCLT workshops
Participants have come from near and far for various past workshops held at the farm or held elsewhere in the community. From sewing to gardening to local history – we have something for everyone! Let us know if you have workshop ideas you would like to see or would like to lead. Find out more by visiting our School of Ordinary Skills’ page. 

3. Contribute by coming to future work parties:
Volunteer work parties to improve the farm land and buildings are fun, educational, community affairs!  A great way to help out and to get to know your CLT. We will try to always provide refreshments – if not a full meal – with farm-grown produce for our volunteers! 

4. Contribute by spreading the word about this project:
Learn about your CLT, download any helpful information from this site, share with friends and family, and link to this site in your networks…

5. Contribute by keeping this project in your prayers:
“On a wing and a prayer…”   We appreciate your well-wishing energy and encouragement of any kind.  Your positive thoughts and constructive energetic input will help BBCLT to thrive.

6. Future work opportunities at and for the BBCLT:
As job opportunities, development projects, volunteer programs, and Board of Directors positions open up, ongoing help will be needed forever…